Senior Quick Looks II

With the school year coming to a close soon, here’s a quick look at the graduating class of 2016.

Alyssa Laurenz


  1. Are you still friends with the first person you met in high school?
    • Yes I am, Taylor Nunn.
  2. Best color of Starburst?
    • RED
  3. First thing I do when I get home:
    • Lay down on my couch
  4. Post High School Plans:
    • I’m attending Black Hills State and majoring in Elementary Education

Grant Alberty


  1. Favorite color?
    • Navy blue because royal blue isn’t dark enough
  2. If you were a vegetable, what would you be?
    • Well boiled carrot ring, because those make vegetables accessible to the people
  3. Best high school memory?
    • People saying, “What are we going to do without you next year?” It’s nice to know I’ve made an impact.
  4. Post high school plans:
    • University of Montana Missoula, majoring in secondary social studies education

Dania Lowe


  1. I want to be just like:
    • My 4th grade elementary school teacher, Ms. Eaton
  2. Is senioritis real? When did it start?
    • It is real. I had it from the first day all the way up until Prom. Now it’s starting to wear off as graduation gets closer.
  3. Best job for a high school student?
    • I worked at Knollwood for an after school program because I want to be a teacher, so pick a job you enjoy doing.
  4. Post high school plans:
    • Mount Marty College majoring in Elementary and Special Education while playing softball for the Lancers!

Title photo: Emily Burke