Central Students Not Ready to Vote for Trump or Clinton

Eligible student voters at Central High School appear unsatisfied with a Trump v. Clinton contest for president.

By Benjamin Newman

As we near the Republican and Democratic National Conventions to determine who the two candidates are going to be for president, it looks more and more likely that in November voters will either vote for Donald J. Trump or Hillary Rodham Clinton. Trump, as of May 11, 2016, has 1,135 delegates of the 1237 needed for the nomination, which means he needs only 102 more. After he won Indiana’s winner take all primary with 57 delegates, Cruz and Kasich suspended their campaigns, making Trump the presumptive nominee. On the Democratic side Clinton has 2,240 delegates and super-delegates of 2,383, leaving her only 143 shy of the majority, just about guaranteeing that the nomination for the Democrats is going to go to Clinton.

So what do the voters of Central High School think about all of this? Of 65 eligible voters polled at Central, 15.4% are going to vote for Trump, 13.8% are voting for Clinton, and a shocking 70.8% are either undecided, voting for another candidate, or, faced with the reality of a Trump or Clinton choice, would rather not vote. Cassi, when faced with the option of Trump or Clinton, said she’d choose Clinton. “I don’t think she’s the best option,” she said, “but I think she will be better for the country than Trump. Specifically I like her economic plan to raise the minimum wage and attempt to make college debt free.” On the thought of Trump becoming the president she says, “We cannot have a person who is prejudiced towards others leading our country.”

On the other side of the political realm is Austin, an avid Trump supporter. “Trump is saying what the American people want to hear,” he says. “He’s got a good plan to reform immigration and solve the debt problem.” When asked about the thought of a Clinton presidency Austin is more critical. “This isn’t her time to be president, she doesn’t have a plan to solve the issues of America and has many scandals surrounding her campaign.”

As for the people who are still undecided, Richard says, “I know to do my civic duty I must pick one, but right now I’m still undecided. It will come down to the lesser of two evils.” Richard feels that Trump makes vicious and uninformed comments on the issues and that Hillary is a liar who tries to squirm away when confronted. For Richard, Bernie’s a good option but he promises too much.

As of now the voting population of Central appears to be like much of the country: undecided, not really wanting either Clinton or Trump. I guess we’ll have to wait until November and see what happens.