The 5 Best and 5 Worst Open-Campus Lunch Options

Arguably, the greatest upperclassmen privilege is going out to lunch. But with only 30 minutes, where should students go? Where should they avoid?

By Brooklyn DeVries and Matt Vidal

When you become a junior, it’s your right of passage to start going out to lunch. Since you only have 30 minutes, your options are limited and you have to choose carefully. So we have determined what we believe to be the 5 best options and the 5 worst lunch options, ensuring that you will have a great option for every day of the week.

To determine what is best, we used an airtight algorithm compiling each restaurant’s food quality, time, and cost.

The Five Best

Pita Pit

pita-pitSwooping at number 5 is Pita Pit. Their food is 5 star quality, the time is faster than most, and if you’re willing to spend a little moola then this is the place for you. Also, the drink system is unlike any other in town, with its high tech coca cola vending machine. Another perk is how close it is to school, you can hang with your pal, with time to spare.


pancherosFollowing Pita Pit at number 4 is Pancheros. You can put queso on absolutely everything, which glosses their great food and the time is just about as fast as numba 5. Once again the cost is a little up there, but if you’re a student you get a free drink, which ultimately cancels out the cost increase. The atmosphere of the place is great, and there always seems to be enough room for your friends. So grab a couple buddies and head over to Pancheros, it’s not far from here!

Little Caesars

little-caesars-pizzaIn the number 3 spot we have Little Caesars. As far as quality for pizza, it’s not as good compared it to other pizza places in town, but for the cost, and for the time you have, it’s unparallel to any pizza place. Or fast food place for that matter. That’s the reason this is numba 3.


cULVERS.jpgIf you are an elder residing in Rapid City, Culvers is the hot spot for lunch. For high school students, Culvers–in our opinion–has the best burgers and chicken tendies of any fast food place in the Black Hills. It is a little farther away, but it’s all worth it when you drive by the folks of Rapid City with that bombin’ burger in your hand.


mcdonaldsYou’ve seen it, you’ve heard of it, you’re happy about it, the grandfather of all fast foods, McDonald’s tops the competition at the number 1 spot. Their speed and service is unmatched by any fast food joint in the nation, and it always comes with a smile. Their recipes have been fine-tuned since ‘55. For breakfast lovers, have no fear, they serve breakfast all day! (And as a side note they have the only bathroom in New York’s Time Square). No one beats the granddaddy of fast food, the the original and the best. Oh! Annddd they’re always hiring.

Anything on that list is a good choice, but to use your lunch well, you need to know the worst of the worst, the places you SHOULD avoid…

The Five Worst


wendys-co-logoOur first fast food place ranking the highest of the worst is Wendys. They have amazing Frostys, and their food is pretty good besides the fact that it’s dry. Depending on what you get, the lowest price will be about 4 dollars , which is pretty good, but the service is awful. When you tell them your name they will get it wrong. (i.e Brooklyn – Brogule) The place can be slow depending on what you get, so be cautious considering this as a place to eat.

Family Thrift

Family-Thrift.494fecc1fe06232640b36f866692871a.jpgThe next place we’ve decided to put in the worst category is Family Thrift. There are many perks to this place, such as location, but the disadvantages, such as poor food choice and cost (depending on what you get), outweigh the advantages.  Plus, they make you leave your bag at the front desk. Why? I suspect they have a hoard criminals swiping their cold cuts and oversized bags of chips.


arbys-4Following Family Thrift on the list of places to avoid is Arby’s. While they have great curly fries, Arby’s is now impossible to reach, with construction surrounding all sides. The price is also ridiculous for the amount of food you get, and in addition the food is dry. So it’s not even worth your time or money. We would advise you to stay away from this place (Unless you really want those curly fries. But think about it. Do you really want those curly fries?)

Burger King

p0nf8bj8Coming in at a whopping second worst is, you guessed it, Burger King. If you are trying to reach this place, you’d better ask your teacher if you can visit the restroom two minutes before the bell rings, because it is at the worst location (not to mention that huge misleading sign that leads you to the back alley). Overall, due to poor food quality, time, and cost, this place is more fit for a peasant than a king. Oh, and don’t even think about playing on that play equipment. They won’t let you in. Trust us, we’ve tried.


Star.jpgFinally, we’ve narrowed down our contestants to present you the worst lunch time dining experience you will ever have: Hardee’s. Or as you East Coasters call it: Carls Jr. Why is this place so bad? Well to start off, it is in the middle of the disastrous construction. And that’s not to mention the horde of of people in there at the time you want to eat. It takes your entire lunch period to even obtain the food, and when you do, you have to drive back to the school eating the things you’ve just bought. Yes, they have the 4 dollar lunch deal, but think to yourself…will you even taste it? Is it worth it? No. Hardee’s (Carl Jr.) is not worth it.

In conclusion, we hope this helps you find a place to eat. Trust us, we’re experts. And Matthew has glasses that make him smart.