Are There Scary Clowns in South Dakota?

For some people, clowns have always been scary, but this year in America, circumstances have heightened the fear factor. According to many accounts, the scary clown trend has hit South Dakota as well.

By Lexus Orozco

If you are scared of clowns you should consider staying home on Halloween— and every other night for that matter—because clowns all over the nation are terrorizing the streets in search of a good scare.

NPR notes that the clown trend started in the south, more specifically in Greenville, South Carolina. The clowns then started to migrate all across the nation, with some rumored appearances in our own town of Rapid City. A closer look at some of the tweets from locals will reveal both the serious and the comical side of this red-nosed monster.


This tweet is hilarious and definitely on the comical side of the clown epidemic.


This tweet from a local shines some light on the terror that the clown sightings of caused, paranoia and panic becoming widespread.


Also from a local who makes fun of the clown trend.


I mean, who doesn’t love Finding Nemo though?

It’s apparent that most people are making light of the whole clown situation but there are definitely some serious incidents popping up locally. Jessa Nayman, a freshman at South Dakota State University, reveals that there have been “two clown sightings on campus so far, one clown even got into the residence hall.” It was also rumored that there were clowns near Stevens High School. These rumors make people take a second look behind their backs and persuade them to lock their car doors as soon as they sit in the driver’s seat.

If you’re a clown you should watch your back as well. Senior Matt Vidal uses some choice words, noting, “I challenge all clowns to a duel. I don’t want those clowns in my city!”

Photo credit: The stuff dreams are made of by Neal1973 on Flickr