I Believe in the Cubs

Editor’s Note: Miles Toledo wrote this piece in 2010 and we kept it for the Pine Needle. It seemed fitting to run it today, now that the Cubs have won the World Series. Wherever you are, Miles, congratulations!

By Miles Toledo

I believe in the Cubs. I love the people who hate the Cubs. It makes my team feel that much more special to me. I love having faith in my team and watching every game, the good and bad all the way through. I believe in the Cubs because it’s what my grandpa believed in. He took me to my first game, and watched them with me when I visited him in the summer. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2000 and died in 2002. In his last two years he wanted only one thing, to take me to a game one more time. He knew that the cancer was bad but it didn’t matter, he wouldn’t think about it. All that mattered was that he was with me and he got to take me to the game.

I met the owner of the Cubs and got my picture taken with him and my grandpa. It was the last picture of him and me together. This is why I believe in the Cubs, because my grandpa did. He loved baseball, it was his favorite sport, and the Cubs were his team. It didn’t matter that they hadn’t won the World Series in almost 100 years. He just thought it would be that much sweeter when they did. So I have to love the Cubs, I have to love being teased about them. I have to love everything about them, because it all comes with the job; and I know one day they will win the World Series, because I believe in the Cubs.

Photo: The Cubs celebrate after winning the 2016 World Series on Flickr by Arturo Pardavila III