Sock Drive Warms Hearts and Toes

When it’s cold outside, you need a pair of warm socks, and thanks to Cobbler students and the PE department, many people in Rapid City have something warm on their feet.

By Charlie Perry

1530 pairs of socks. That is what Central High School was able to donate to those in need last year for the CHS sock drive, which has become a tradition in the PE department at Central. Headed by the enthusiastic Mr. Hagen, Cobbler students have able to donate these socks to the homeless and less fortunate every year around Christmas, and every year the donation gets bigger. “We’ve been doing this for 20 years and continue to grow every year,” Hagen said. “It’s a great opportunity to show the community who we are as a school.”

“Every year we set a goal,” he says. “That goal is based on what we are able to bring the previous year.” To encourage participation, Mr. Hagen sends constant reminders to the students to reach the yearly goal. “Most years we do meet our goal, but [even] when we do meet our goal, we strive to push further!”

Central undoubtedly has its fair share of student involved traditions, and this is one everyone would like to see continued, as it is an easy and affordable way for students to help out their community. Each individual’s donation may be small, but when we combine all of them together we construct a great donation, and that’s what it’s really about, helping the community around us.

For obvious reasons, Mr. Hagen plans to continue this tradition well into the future, “I hope to continue this tradition into the 22nd century” he asserted. “Our hope that is one day we won’t have to do this because there’s no need, but until that day we will continue to help!” If you want to help, go grab a package of socks and run them down to Mr. Hagen or any other PE teacher. They will greatly appreciate it, as will those who receive them.


Photos by Charlie Perry