5 Ways to Make the Most of Snowboarding in South Dakota

With December’s snow day and Christmas break looming, it’s time to consider winter play. Snowboarder Parker Roose has some advice for maximizing fun on South Dakota’s slopes.

By Parker Roose

I’ve been snowboarding for a long time, and over those years, I have learned many new things and started to accumulate guidelines to ride by. Here are five things to know about the mountain that will make your skiing or snowboarding experience fun and smooth sailing.

1. First things first, if there is fresh snow in South Dakota, use it to its full advantage.

South Dakota is notorious for is wishy-washy weather. Powder days are some of the best days on the mountain. Since fresh snow isn’t always on our side, the Terry Peak snow crew tries to blow as much artificial snow as possible. But this snow is crap. It adheres to the boards with a mixture of sticky and icy.

2. If you are going to be a shred rebel, break the rules under the radar.

The snow is always better on the other side of the rope, it’s a fact. But if you are spotted by the ski patrol, count on getting a corner clipped. Three corners clipped off of your pass will result in a revoked pass and a loss of a $400 season.

3.  Hit the trees!

If you are faced with the circumstances of riding on an icy day, dip into the trees a bit. The trees act as wind blocks, which often times creates wind-blown snow drifts. If you aren’t quite ready to ride among close-cornered trees, make the best out of the day by giving your edges a sharpen. That will improve your control of the board and reduce your chances of slipping out.

4. Ride with some friends.

Not only is it way more enjoyable to ride with a group of friends, but for me, riding with friends is benefits my style. The thing about riding with friends is that you have significantly more motivation to try something new, like doing that one crazy trick you could never see yourself trying. Another thing about riding with friends is it can be such a monkey-see monkey-do experience. I bite off my own friends’ style and they bite off mine. It makes us better.

5.  Be safe!! Ride with a helmet.

There have been countless times at Terry Peak where a rider landed on his/her head and has to be taken away by ambulance. If it is one of your first times riding, stick to the bunny hill until you are fully comfortable with riding. One injury can end your season if you aren’t careful.

If you follow these five tips and tools of riding, you are more likely to have a much more enjoyable snow season.

Photo: Method by Martin Pilote on Flickr