Football Players Dress with Class

What’s with all these football players wearing ties . . . on Tuesdays?

By Nick Glass

On game days this year, football players have been wearing their jerseys to school, but every Tuesday in the halls and classes of Central High School, students are finding the football players dressed up in ties. What’s going on?

New Head Coach Iverson says, “Dressing up once a week is a way to build up the team, like team bonding. This makes the guys look like a team. It’s a way to change team culture.”

The players, meanwhile, seem to be enjoying it. Outside linebacker Jordan Ladson said, “The idea is great. It promotes team unity. It has heads turning in the hallways as we walk by.” Quarterback Holden Jackson said, “This puts our team out there. I love the idea.”

football ties
Is that a cutout from the new J. Crew catalogue? No, it’s senior football player Jordan Ladson.