Drama Season Offers Strong Female Roles (and Lots of Them)

‘The Crucible’ auditions kick off a theatre season brimming with strong female roles.

By Casey Fay

Girls in the drama department are buzzing with excitement as this year’s plays promise great female roles. From a dynamic accuser of witchcraft, to literal goddesses, to three generations of broadway performers, it’s undeniable the season is booming with exciting female characters. The anticipation only grows with auditions for Central High School’s fall show: The Crucible happening this week.

It’s not only the lead roles that give females a lot of promise. According to director Justin Speck, “not only do [the plays] have large casts but the majority of the roles are female, and there are not a lot of plays written with large females casts or large female roles.” Senior theatre student Rose Lamoureaux is happy with the year’s offerings. “Not only are there a lot of female roles,” she says, “but there are a lot of very complex and well written parts for females too.” She is also confident the department is fit for the challenge. “We have a great group of females who are capable of playing any and all roles presented to them.”