Senior Girls Battle through Injuries, into Playoffs

The seniors on the girls soccer team have found defending their state title to be a painful experience, fighting injuries all season long.

By Maria Bunkers

With the soccer playoffs beginning, the senior girls are refusing to allow a notable array of injuries that have plagued them all season to affect them.

Though they’re able to play now, the team’s injuries include a broken fibula, broken nose, excessive knee pain, sprained ankle, and back spasms. None of the seniors have escaped injury this season. “Ice is my best friend,” says senior Annie Ducheneaux. Meaghan Keohane agrees, as her injury prevented her from “touching a ball for a year.”

Meaghan Keohane’s fibula, which kept her sidelined until the first day of practice.

The injured leaders continue to be determined. Sarra Gutknecht says her injuries have “made me more resilient.”

Sitting 10th out of 18 teams, the Cobblers have a 5-5-1 record. Only the top 12 teams make it to playoffs, so they cut it close as they go into playing the Washington Warriors  today for playoff game one. Playoffs are single elimination, so if the Central girls lose today, they are done for the season.