Central Gets Full-time Nurse

Central High School now has a nurse on the premises full time.

By Maria DiGiacomo

Central High School has a full time nurse for the first time in more than a decade. Her name is Nancy Reiss and she’s ready to help.

Nancy Reiss studied at SDSU. She actually worked as a nurse here at Central a couple of years ago and it’s safe to say she loves the Cobbler community. “I was actually retired but came back to work because they offered me a spot at Central. This is the only school I’d come back for.”

Nancy returned to Central and started the full time position back in August.

Having a full time nurse isn’t just helping the sick students, but also our office ladies. Kristina Vanzee, who sits right at the front desk in the office, is ecstatic.

“Can I just tell you, it’s amazing!” Kristina said. She had a lot of kids coming in asking to see the nurse when she wasn’t there. She had to tell the students to call home or let them lay down in the back. “It’s really nice to have somebody who knows what they’re doing.”