Auditions Become a (Semi) Formal Affair

Drama students are looking flashy on the first day of one-act auditions, a requirement current students have not seen before.

By Casey Fay

For auditions for the one acts ‘Zeus On the Loose’ and ‘Belfast,’ the required attire has been changed from recent auditions; instead of dressing for movement (which means comfortable clothing you can move in) the audition now requires for people to “Look sharp, but comfortable.” Senior Cade Herrera feels “it will be a fantastic way to practice college auditions and auditions in future,” as he plans on going into musical theater after high school.

Why the change of dress after so many years? Justin Speck, Central High School’s artistic director, revealed, “We have done it before. The second thing is that it adds a bit more of a professional attitude towards the auditions, and since Belfast is a musical and Zeus is a comedy we want to highlight the reading and the singing and save the movement for call backs.” As for what sharp but comfortable looks like exactly, Mr. Speck said, “Collared shirt tucked into anything but jeans.”