Cell Phone Policy Changes to Allow Phones in Hallways

Administrators at Central High School have amended the students’ cell phone policy, allowing students to use their phones in the hallways.

By Nick Glass

The cell phone policy at Central High School has recently changed so that students can now use their cell phones in the halls. Norma Dupris, a security guard at Central High School, confirmed the change. “Students can now use their phones in the hallways,” she said. “Students can check their phones on the way to their classes. I think kids will like cell phone policy better.” The old policy states, “The hallways, departments, and classrooms are off limits for all electronic devices, including earbuds and headphones.” The penalty for a cell phone violation could include the cell phone being kept at the school over a weekend or holiday break.

With the new policy, students can check their phones on the way to their next class.  “ I think that the new policy is a positive change for the school.” said Senior Chris Holm. “The rule was pretty strict in the past. I wish the rule change would have come earlier in my high school career.”

Photo by Justice Theis