Drama Club Hosts 14th Holiday Hugfest

The Drama Club is famous for its rituals and traditions, and its traditional Holiday Hugfest is celebrating its fourteenth rendition.

By Casey Fay

Hugfest is here! This Friday, December 22, the Drama Club is celebrating its fourteenth annual Holiday Hugfest in the green room (Mr. Speck’s classroom) after school. Hugfest is the time the drama department (and anyone else needing a hug) reserves on the last day before holiday break to say goodbye by hugging one another and spreading good vibes.

The very first Hugfest was created in 2004 when Central High School students John and Steve French approached Mr. Speck about wanting to set apart some time to love on everybody before Christmas break. Thus Holiday Hugfest was born. “It is a warm and cozy time and a lot of fun,” says senior theatre student Emily Toms. Fellow senior Jon Bader agrees: “It’s a really good time to see everybody before we go on Christmas vacation.” The Holiday Hugfest is not an exclusive affair: anyone who is looking to spread a little cheer before leaving and who loves lots of hugs is welcome to attend.

Photo: Untitled by Pauline Kim Joo on Flickr