Despite Busyness, Some Former Cobblers Get More Sleep in College

Many high school students sleep little–is this what college life will be like? Yet some former Cobblers have found they’re getting more sleep in college than they got at Central.

By Maria Bunkers

Some Central alumni have found that they slept more during their first semester of college than they were able to in high school.

“Days are longer [than high school],” says University of Nebraska Lincoln student Emma Porter, “but if I don’t get eight hours of sleep, I suck at life.” Porter is an honors student whose schedule is science heavy, consisting of 19 credits. She is in orchestra too, having music classes that are zero credits–so it goes without saying, she is busy.

South Dakota State University student Monique Bunkers initially found it difficult to include enough time to sleep. “Time management [was hard]–but you learn to do that.” Like Porter, Bunkers was busy. She is a  biochemistry major in the honors program, earning 18 credits this past semester, but she obtained the sleep she needed as she learned to better manage her time.

In high school, Bunkers and Porter got around six hours of sleep a night, so they are getting about two more hours of sleep a night than they were getting.

Neither of them expected to get more sleep, but this wasn’t the only surprise. “The transition was a lot easier than I thought,” shares Emma. “It really helped having friends there I already know.”

The transition was a bit harder for Monique, as she really missed her family and “not having a roommate was kind of difficult.” Bunkers and Porter both wish they would have taken the time to “make more friends.” However, the select friends they made are good ones.

Part of the struggle of making friends for Bunkers came from her initial lack of free time. “I don’t party, I don’t drink, I don’t do any of that stuff. I do my class work because that’s what you’re there for–to get an education. I’ve learned that so many people take education for granted.” With the free time that Bunkers and Porter were able to find, they joined clubs or intramural sports to stay involved.

Photo: December 3rd 2009 by -JosephB- on Flickr