Elimination of Finals Exemption Eliminates Attendance Motivation

Unlike past years, when an attendance exemption policy existed, every student will take semester exams this year. There are good reasons for the change, but some students are less motivated to attend class.

By Holly Allen and Tannah Scovel

Central High School took away final exemptions this year. A final-exemption was a reward for students who get good grades and attended class (two or fewer absences, no missing assignments, and a B exempted students from a semester exam). Sophomore Alexa Henry was never able to enjoy the perks of being exempted, as freshmen were not eligible for exemptions. She is disappointed in the change. “I feel like it’s stupid,” she said, “because we’re going take them and we have to remember stuff from the beginning of the year and it’s stressful.” We empathize, as it is true that finals are stressful and it is very difficult to study for stuff from so long ago.

“I feel like people won’t show up to school as much because they have to take finals anyways,” says junior, Jamie Iwan. This is true, as we were way more motivated to come to school when we were sick when we knew it could get us out of finals. Now if we’re slightly ill we have leaned towards staying home, because we know there isn’t the reward in going to school.

Senior Bailey Johnson had a similar response: “I hate it. It was something to work for. I think that it should still be a thing for attendance purposes.” Final exemption was something that made us work harder. We do understand it will be good for us to take some finals before college, and we think it will be good to practice good study habits before college, but we also think it will bring down attendance because it was something to work for.

Photo: Exams start . . . now by Ryan McGilchrist on Flickr