Students Assemble Petition to Reinstate TV Announcements

Will the television announcements ever return? If two juniors have their way, they’ll be back by next year.

By Abby Donnelly

Juniors Jolo Robles and Riley Riggs have been scouring the halls of Central High School for the past month and a half in search of anyone willing to sign their petition to reinstate the television announcements. So far, the pair have gotten 500 signatures and hope to get “as many as possible,” Riggs says, “the more, the better our odds of making this change.”

Freshman secretary and former student council advisor, Sam Wentworth, said that TV announcements were the idea of Principal Pat Jones back in 2006. Wentworth claims the idea was for students to “pay more attention” to the announcements because there would be “faces that the students could associate with.” With this idea came student council’s fundraising in order to buy TVs for each classroom. They succeeded and the rest is history.

Why we aren’t still airing morning announcements is unclear, but Riley Riggs claims that not only would it inspire kids to pay more attention to the announcements, but it would “be convenient for teachers who may forget to read them.” He also claims that student reporters would be “more enthusiastic” making the announcements more enjoyable.

Matt Vidal, last year’s enthusiastic announcement reporter agrees with Robles’ and Riggs’ petition, stating that he believes it’s “much more impactful” hearing news from one’s peers rather than from a teacher. If the student is more likely to listen, then the student, “is much more informed about up-coming events and opportunities that they’d otherwise miss out on.”

Riggs and Robles hope to get the announcement back on TV before the end of this school year.

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  1. Please re-instate the TV announcements. Students enjoy hearing outher students read the announcements. It is a good experience for students that could lead into a Radio or TV Broadcasting job, among others. Thank-you Mrs. LoneHill

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