Many Cobblers Plan to Participate in Walkout

Following the lead of students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, many Cobbler students plan to walk out of class March 14.

By Ryan Mahoney and Martin Mead

A 17-minute walkout will be held on March 14 to protest the lack of change in gun legislation in Congress and to remember those whose lives were lost at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Hchool in Parkland, Florida. Students will meet in the new theatre beginning at 10:00am, and each minute will represent a student or faculty member who died on February 14.

We polled Cobbler students to see how many would take part in this walkout and 66% of voters said they would participate.  The school administration has held meetings about the correct course of action to take and came to the conclusion to allow students to take part in the 17-minute walkout with no punishment.

“I think the district’s reaction to this walkout is an awesome way for the district, and hopefully the state, to hear what the students have to say on a matter that pertains to us every single day of our life,” said senior Tyler Weddle.

Participating students see the walkout not as an excuse to miss school, but as a way to have a voice in gun control issues. “I think students gained a say in what happens in society and government after the Parkland shooting, because the students involved in the shooting have been so vocal about their beliefs and everything that occurred,” said senior Carson Sehr. Many other students agree with Sehr, and proper steps have been taken by school administration to ensure the students’ right to protest. All that remains is to see the government’s response to the protests.

Photo: a copy of the flyer students have circulated online regarding the walkout