Walkout Not the First in Central’s History

Wednesday’s student walkout is not the first Central’s students have hosted. In 1998 students walked out to protest a school board decision.

By Claire Kurtz

As many Rapid City students prepare to protest gun laws by walking out of class Wednesday, March 14, it is worth noting that this event is not the only time Cobbler students have used the walkout as a form of protest.

Back in 1998, students walked out of class to protest the school board’s decision to cut another counselor from the three (total) Central had at the time. In that instance, Junior Patrick Benton asked the librarian, Judy Johnson, to talk to the students on the announcements about the walkout and she allowed it. Little did she know, he told everyone to walkout after his announcement, and the kids listened. The main halls were inundated with students. Senior Katie LeClair helped hand out fliers and organize the walkout, but leading up to the event the level of enthusiasm and interest she had received from students did not assure her. In the end, she was pleasantly surprised: Hundreds of students lined the hallways with signs and strong opinions.