Cheerleaders Seeking Third Straight Spirit of Six

Cheerleaders head to Sioux Falls this weekend for the state basketball tournament and are hoping to win another Spirit of Six award.

By Hope Paris

Rapid City Central Cobbler cheerleaders are excited for state not only to cheer on the basketball players, but to win the Spirit of Six award for the 3rd year in row.

All cheerleading squads work hard to get the Spirit of Six award, but Central cheerleaders feel they want this award a little more than others because the award started within their own school.

“We have good talks before practice about the rules, and how much we want it,” said Hannah Molitor a junior cheerleader.

The Cobbler cheerleaders have been working hard in practice, which includes stretching, conditioning, practicing jumps, and practicing cheers with loud, proud voices and perfect motions To conclude the day they practice perfecting their stunts.

The Spirit of Six award is to honor and remember the six cheerleaders who died in a plane crash in 1968 when flying back home from state in Sioux Falls. The winning team receives the award because they cheered like these six cheerleaders, with dedication and spirit. The first Spirit of Six award was given in 1970. We keep these six girls in our memory as this award has been carried on throughout the years.

Photo courtesy of Cobbler Activities