The Bipolar Weather

Doesn’t the saying go, “April showers bring May flowers,” not “April snow storms bring May flowers” ? 

By Hope Paris

Spring is defined as the season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear in the northern hemisphere from March to May. So my question, along with everybody else in South Dakota, is why in the world did mother nature torture us with this cold, snowy weather still in April?

When the news would come on TV mentioning ANOTHER snow storm, a sadness took over me, because in all honesty I was sick of seeing snow on the ground and being cold all the time. April is a time of spring, where the weather is at least in the 60s and raining, not snowing.

I think I can speak for myself and the rest of South Dakota and say “We get it mother nature. We understand you are drunk, but it is time for you to sober up.” I mean seriously, you’re like the drunk uncle we see at family reunions that we do not want to deal with.

Now don’t get me wrong, the many snow days we have had were a blessing in disguise. I got to sleep in and have no worries about doing the homework I was going to procrastinate anyway. However, I was tired of looking outside and seeing inches upon inches of snow on the ground over and over again.

The 3rd winter that had been dragging on is getting old now. Now, things are looking up, like seriously, look up! The sun is out! Time to wear shorts and step outside and not have to worry about shivering. No more starting my car in the mornings before school and wasting my gas. Time for lake days, hiking, and just enjoying the outside in general. Hello warmer weather!

Photo: Melting Snow by ALwin Digital on Flickr