Where Are Those Darn Ducks?

Where have our newly found feathery friends gone?

By Alana Wallace and Chase Howe

As of Thursday, May 3, Rapid City Animal Control took the last female mallard duck at Central High School’s east entrance after Lynne Steinley, an art teacher at Central, called the Humane Society of the Black Hills. “I called the Animal Control because I was worried about its safety. I didn’t want anyone to mess with it and or it to get hurt in the parking lot,” Steinley explained.

Over the past 2 weeks, 3 ducks have been hanging out outside of the east entrance until they started disappearing one by one. “The first duck was hit by a vehicle while crossing Mt Rushmore road from the civic center. Then the second duck was found dead in the parking lot of central.” said Troy Spear, a Central security guard, “We think it was hit a car and then last Thursday Animal Control came and took the last duck.”  Mrs. Steinley looked around the school to see if there was a nest but didn’t find one. The duck was relocated in Rapid Creek near the Humane Society of the Black Hills.

Mallards migrate down south during the winter to places like the Gulf of Mexico and then in the summers fly up north to places like South Dakota. The ducks spend most of their time at lakes and ponds when they can eat and create a nest. The three ducks that hung around central strayed away from the pond because we were feeding them. This is bad for the Ducks because when they are fed human food it causes them to gain more fat that they don’t need, which can make it harder for them to fly. The suggested food items for ducks are bird feed, bugs, fruit and vegetables like corn.

Photo by Rose Lamoureaux