The Inside Scoop On AP Finals Week

There are many fears in the world: serial killers, the dark, and the inevitable end we will all come to, but (according to our sources) the most terrifying of all is AP test week.

By Rose Lamoureaux

AP students work for months and months just to keep up in their AP classes and, for these students, the end of the year just brings more fear and stress. I caught up with a few of your fellow Cobblers to get the inside scoop on AP tests they took this school year.

“Specifically for AP Chem we prepare for it since the first day of school. We didn’t have to study at all because we were all so prepared from the class and homework itself.” said AP Chemistry student Trinity Morrison, “It is very stressful, but could be worth it if you do well on the test. It’s more pressure than regular finals at the school, because it could mean spending less money in college.”

Junior and AP Chemistry test-taker, Enrique Mandas said, “Even though Dr. Farrar gave us a lot of homework, it really prepared us for the exam. In fact, many of us got done early during the exam and we watched the Stevens kids struggle a little.”

Senior Theatre student Casey Fay had some words of wisdom about the AP English test, “Well, for AP English the way the test is designed there really isn’t anyway to study or prepare for it so you kind of just hope for the best”

Senior and three-time AP exam taker Carson Sehr leaves you with this advice, “AP exams are incredibly stressful, but as long as you’ve put in the work all year, there’s no need to cram, and no real need to fear failure.”

Photo: ap english by holly neckermann