Senioritis Hitting the Halls of Central High School

A small scale survey confirmed that 66.66% of seniors suffer from senioritis.

By Alana Wallace and Stephanie Hight

Senioritis has affected several students of the class of 2018 with symptoms like crying for hours, missing class, bribing other classmates to write your papers, and just not wanting to anything in general.

When asked about the reality of senioritis, Hanna Kiewel commented, “Senioritis is very very real. I, without a doubt, have senioritis. I know I have it because last year, taking AP Chemistry, I was on top of everything. I was on a roll. I was always at school, and was working really hard. This year, I have missed so many days of school, and haven’t done homework outside of class for the last 9 months.”

Some teachers have confessed that they are free from senioritis because they believe we should finish strong. What most teachers are anxious for are the seniors to leave because they claim that student’s haven’t done anything all year, and teachers are ready for them to leave.

According to our source, Hannah Kiewel, “The only real cure for senioritis will be May 27, 2018 at 1:30 pm.”

“The seniors have been wonderful,” English teacher Nick Palmer said, “but I think it’s time for them to move on with their lives.”

Photo: senioritis from Google