Textbook Losses Cost School and Students

Every school year, numerous text books are not returned and many of the fines are not paid, causing Central to lose thousands of dollars in school materials.

By: Jaden New Robe

An average of $20,000 in text books is lost every year at Central High School. Although textbooks are being used less in classes, they are still needed and used frequently. Some teachers allow students to take them home which is always the risk of their getting lost, ruined, or many other mishaps that could occur.

It’s well-known that the textbooks provided to students by the school are not cheap, but many students don’t care and lose their textbooks or don’t return them at all.  “One year there was $23,000 lost,” Kristina VanZee, a Central secretary, explained. “Last year the math department alone had 103 items not returned.”

Most students do pay the fines of their lost books, but there are also many who do not. But for seniors who don’t return their books or pay their fines, the office can choose to not send transcripts to their college.

Photo by Stephanie Hight