No Guest Speaker for Graduation

For the first time in years, Central Graduation will not have a guest speaker.

By Tod Stephens

This year’s graduation, unlike in previous years, will include three student speeches with no guest speaker. Principal Mike Talley explained multiple factors that came into the decision making. One of the main factors was Central’s administration believing graduation should be as student oriented as possible.

After senior representatives inclined for a quicker, student-involved ceremony, he decided to not have a guest speaker and focus on what the students want. “We want it to be student lead and oriented,” Talley explained.

Talley also said the lack of a guest speaker was due to the lack of finding a commensurate-worthy speaker. He wanted a successful alumnus to speak to inspire the students and to prove that people live important lives after high school. “We could’ve gotten a teacher but the audience would rather hear graduates. We could’ve gotten the mayor or someone similar but I don’t want it to be anything political.”

Lastly, the ceremony is already cutting close on time. Central’s graduation ceremony is at 1:30 on April 27 and Stevens follows right after at 5:00. With participation from the choir, orchestra, band, student speakers, and approximately a 40-minute diploma awarding it is already a packed ceremony. Talley also said how good the student speakers are this year so to cut one of them to clear room for a guest would completely contradict the student involved idea.

Photo: courtesy of Starr Paul’s Twitter