Food Truck Expands Students’ Lunch Options

A food truck is offering upperclassmen at Central an alternative to dining in the commons and going out for fast food.

By Trinity Morrison

A new lunch option has been added at Central High School for the upperclassmen: a food truck. The food truck parks outside of the main entrance on Tuesdays and Thursdays for all of the lunches. The truck usually serves things like subs, salads, and sometimes hot lunches that are being served in the commons, and also like lunch inside, the meals are free for all Central students this year.

When students get up to the truck they are handed a piece of paper with the options for that day that they fill out with their name and their choice. Next, they scan their ID and shortly their to-go lunch will be done. The truck has all of the condiment options that a student would normally have in the commons, but it doesn’t offer things like extra chips and cookies.

Since as upperclassmen students have off-campus privileges, most of them take the food from the food truck and eat in their cars in the parking lot as opposed to the commons, because the commons can be super loud.

“When I first heard about the food truck I got super excited,” said senior Remington Redetzke. “It was a way I could take advantage of the free lunches without having to be in the commons where the dangers of being hit in the head with a whole apple are present.

“Seriously though, that did happen to me one time.”

Photo courtesy of Rapid City Area Schools