Tropical Smoothie Moves Next Door to Central

Tropical Smoothie has opened a store near Central High School.

By Ashton Walker

Tropical Smoothie has opened their newest location in Omaha Plaza near downtown Rapid City, offering customers a larger seating area.

The establishment itself will hold twice as many people as the current, and include many major changes according to current employee and Central senior Cheyenne Young. Some of the changes Young noted are a rear pick-up window included with a back office for online orders, and an open ceiling. There will also be the offer of genderless bathrooms, making their business one of the first in Rapid City to have them. The changes will not affect the amount of smoothies and food being made though, as Young noted that Tropical Smoothie will “still have the same amount of food and blenders on the line.”

There is also the need for more employees, and according to Young they have “already hired six people and are still hiring.” The store held open interviews recently in hopes of gaining a few more employees, as with the increase in space, more employees are needed.