A Guide to Parking at Central High School

Although parking is a huge issue at Central, there may be some tricks to make your day a little easier.
By: Dylan Grundtrom and Chris Schilling

The Central parking lot is a widely hated part of the morning trip to school. The best spots get taken up quickly, and for any students arriving past 7:50, good luck. But how can students avoid a dismal start to a day?

The parking lot has tricks that may or may not help with where you choose to park in the morning. “The activities entrance and East entrance are not great options,” said Andrew Belsaas, the Assistant Band Director, “Many students use the East entrance as a drop off/pick up zone while there isn’t a lane to do so. The activities entrance usually has buses parked in front of it for most of the sports that do not occur at our school. “The best spot is usually in the far corner on the northern side of the parking lot, but not so far that you get frostbite during the winter, and don’t have to walk in the heat,” said junior Ella Van Dam.

One point seems to be certain, the west side seems to be the worst place to park. “The west part of the parking lot has no entrances or exits that is allowed for students and is harder to exit the parking lot,” said Belsaas. For many incoming freshman, the best place to park usually becomes an opinion and forms a habit as to owning a certain parking spot. Even now, many upperclassmen seem to own a spot and continue to use the same spot they have since they entered ninth grade.

Many students generally have parking spots for almost no reason. Most students like the spot they park in for the simple fact that they can park there. Once students form a habitual spot for parking, it does not seem to change. It is for this reason students park where they park; because they park there.