Spanish Club Starts Up for the Year

After some improvements, Spanish Club is helping students gain a deeper look at Spanish-speaking culture.

By: Anya Hammond

A newly improved Spanish Club will give students a place to enrich their knowledge of culture and language without having to travel. Previously, SALSA – Student Association for Learning Abroad – was the only opportunity for students to participate in a Spanish language-centered extra curriculum activity, which acted as both the Spanish Club and meetings for traveling to Spanish speaking countries.

Now SALSA will be meeting separately, meaning students who wish to join the Spanish Club will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Spanish culture without traveling abroad. The Spanish Club aims to give students a more hands-on attempt at learning Spanish and more real world experiences. Because the main goal of Spanish Club aims for the enrichment of culture and language, an activity is planned every meeting. During the first meeting, the students under the advisement of Senora Desiree Kranz, Central High School Spanish language teacher, made fresh guacamole. For the second, students are making Guatemalan worry dolls.

The enrichment of culture and language is an important goal to all the Central High School Spanish teachers. ͞Your world is as big as you make it,͟ Kranz said, ͞and by joining a club, especially based on culture, you get to grow your world even more.͟ The Spanish Club will be a student-led group, with elected officers. The officers will be in charge of organizing the meetings, with the assistance of Kranz. Nicholas Salazar, a senior, said, ͞It’s a fun place to learn about culture.͟