The Hot Chocolate Bar Is Exactly What Central Needs

The library and student council provided free hot chocolate for students last week. It’s exactly the kind of event Central High School should be doing.

By The Editorial Board

On Monday, December 10th, the library in collaboration with Student Council started a free hot chocolate bar to help spread the joy of the holiday season (they did accept donations). In the four days that it was in session they gave out about 800 cups, according to Jayne Leusink, the librarian, and Mandy Hennies, the administration secretary and student council co-advisor. With the population of the school at 2,000 kids, the 800 cups of hot chocolate is astounding. However, the administration cancelled the holiday event by the end of the week, citing students’ carelessness when it came to staying in the library or the commons and throwing away the waste. We have a different opinion.

As a school we don’t do very much. Sure, we have the occasional football game and pep rally, but to have a reason to socialize with the rest of the classes that isn’t forced is a wonderful project to look forward to. While it’s understandable for administration to want a cleaner building while the activity is going on, cancelling the event instead of trying to get more people to enforce the rules seems like an extreme response.

The library hopes to do the hot chocolate event again next year, since this year was such a hit. However, they hope to have an all-day hot chocolate celebration once a week. This will allow for more students to come and participate instead of limiting it to students who have only first block open. They believe if they have more of these events, kids will want to come to school instead of have to come to school. We believe in doing such events they’re helping to provide a warm welcome, creating that want to come to school, that Central often lacks.