Winter Style Guide: White Christmas

For the fourth and final outfit, Caden Lefler and Eli Oyler present the best possible outfit to survive the great outdoors in South Dakota’s harshest winters. This outfit is sure to keep you warm while the world around you becomes a frozen wasteland.

By: Caden Lefler & Eli Oyler

Finally, grab yar parka ya vee ladees, its bloody cold outside. Yer hat and yer gloves wont be enough for the fury of da comin storm. Da wrath of yer mother-in-law when she forgot ‘er pills at ‘er ‘otel wont touch the fright yul feel when ya see da blizzard a comin. No clothes can help ya here, take shelter, its yer only hope.

Our final outfit dubbed “White Christmas” is meant to keep you warm in some of South Dakota’s harsher days, whilst still keeping a respectable level of class. Though not horribly un-stylish this outfit’s strength is its warmth. Just hope you aren’t trying to pick up ladies when it’s a blizzard outside, because then only god can help you.

The outfit begins with a beanie from Adidas that is sure to keep your head warm and stylish as you pierce your way through the winter blizzard.

Adidas Beanie $28.00

The outfit continues with a simple brown winter boot from Target that will keep all the wind and snow away from your little piggies.

Brown Snow Boots Target $44.99

The boot is met with a pair of Zermatt snow pants that can be worn over any of your regular pants creating two layers of warmth.

snow pant
Zermatt Black Snow Pants $34.99

Next, we have a ZARA fleece crew shirt in the color tan that offers a lot of upper body warmth and can also be worn over other shirts if even more warmth.

zara crewneck.JPG
Brown ZARA Crewneck $25.90


Atop the fleece shirt is a green winter jacket that adds just enough class to keep your self confidence in tact while the arctic winter air snips at your nose. This very earth tone look keeps you all warm and layered up to battle South Dakota’s harsh, unpredictable weather.

Heavy Green Jacket Target $49.99

Total Outfit Cost: $247.92

Normally, we would include a budget option but if you are in need of an outfit like this it might be worth skipping a month on your car insurance to pay for it. With the harsh wind that is soon to be coming your way we highly suggest taking shelter and avoiding the great outdoors at all costs, especially if this outfit won’t fit into your budget this month.

These four looks have provided you plenty of options for whatever weather you may be walking out into. We hope you have found it entertaining and helpful and guiding your looks this winter to providing you with the warmth you desire and the style you deserve.

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Photo: during blizzard by flutecake on Flickr