Winter Style Guide: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

For the third installment of their four part style guide, Caden Lefler and Eli Oyler have put together the perfect outfit for any typical school day that is sure to keep you looking good and feeling good all day.

By: Caden Lefler & Eli Oyler

The third outfit, to be used for any regular school day is called “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” This outfit is geared to keep you comfortable in the building while you leave your coat in the car. Though the walk into the building may be chilly, it’ll be worth it for the look!

This outfit is simple, while still looking nice. On top a wine red button down from ZARA.

zara top
Wine Red ZARA Button down $35.90

Paired with a pair of blue jeans from American Eagle. The simplicity of the outfit allows for several personalization you can add to spice up the look.

AE Blue Jean
Slim Fit AE Blue Jeans $29.96

The shirt can be worn untucked to give it a messy vibe or it can be french tucked to add a little class. Finally, for a more business professional look you can wear the shirt completely tucked in. Completing the outfit, is a pair of low-top Converses that are black with white trim. This tones done the lower half of the outfit and keeps all focus on the red shirt and beautiful face above it!

Black & White Suede Low-Top Converse $70.00

Total Outfit Cost: $135.86

Going budget on this outfit was quite simple and the overall outfit look was able to be maintained. On top we have a wine red and navy blue striped button down. This shirt is just a cheaper, but still stylish option.

cheap wine red
Blue Pinstriped Button Down H&M $10.99

The shirt is still paired with a pair of blue jeans from American Eagle. This outfit is just as simple as the one above, and also as versatile.

AE Blue Jean
Slim Fit AE Blue Jeans $29.96

This budget option concludes with a similar black and white pair of sneakers. Found at H&M these canvas made shoes are a great substitute for a quarter of the cost.

cheap converse
Black & White Canvas Sneakers H&M $17.99

Total Outfit Cost: $58.94

These outfits thrive when the coat comes off. With these outfits in your repertoire your in building style will be unmatched, though the walk to and from the car may be a tad bit chilly. Just because it’s now the Christmas season is no excuse for your style to falter. Hopefully these outfits can help you look good and feel good all day.


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Photo: Going out tonight by 55Laney69 on Flickr

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