Winter Style Guide: Baby It’s Cold Outside

Continuing the series on style, Caden Lefler and Eli Oyler explain the perfect outfit for those cold winter date nights or any Christmas parties your mom plans on dragging you to.

By: Caden Lefler & Eli Oyler

Today’s look, our second of four installments, has been named “Baby it’s cold outside.” This outfit has been made to thrive when the temperature drops below 20 degrees but you still have to look nice for your all your upcoming Christmas parties and assorted get-togethers. This outfit combines necessity and style in the dropping temperatures. This outfit is handcrafted for date nights in the winter.

The outfit begins with a white button down with a poplin collar from H&M.

White Poplin Button-Down H&M $24.99

This shirt is then coupled with a pair of grey suit pants also from H&M.

Grey Slim Fit Suit Pants H&M $34.99

To add to the “dressy” nature the suit pants and button down give a very stylish and slick black Chelsea boot with a brown trim along the sole is added as the shoe, adding a little flair to the overall look.

chelsea boot
Black Leather Chelsea Boot Nordstrom $39.97

A Chelsea boot can be added to almost any look to dress things up a bit. It can be worn with casual or dress clothes and goes well with either. A must have to everyone’s closet. To top it all off a black puff jacket from ZARA that doesn’t take away from the look while also keeping you warm.

jacket puff
Black Slim Puff Jacket ZARA $79.90

Total Outfit Cost: $179.85

For the stingy or just budget wary person, we offer the cheaper version. This outfit was made to keep the style of the original outfit while keeping the price under $60, by just making slight variations. Not only will you feel warm and stylish, but you’ll also have money in your wallet.

To start the outfit off is a white button down from H&M. The button down features black polka-dots to make it better than just a regular old white button down

cheap polka dot
White polka-dotted button-down H&M $14.99

The bottom is then a grey chino. It is simpler and cheaper than the grey dress pants, but they still look stylish and compliment the white and black button down extremely well.

cheap dress pants
Slim Fit Grey Chino T.J. Maxx $14.99

The outfit gets wrapped up with a black suede dress shoe adding its own flair of style to the outfit.

budget dress
Black Suede Dress Shoes Kohls $29.99

Total Outfit Cost: $59.97

And if you are willing to step outside the budget a little bit you can add a nice jacket to it. A dark blue nylon jacket found at H&M it could keep you warm while not stripping the outfit of its classy nature.

cheap dress jacket
Dark Blue Nylon Jacket H&M $20.99

And there it is, outfit number two. Hopefully this will help you land that date or perhaps impress your grandma when you arrive for Christmas dinner. The button down with the grey pants keep things bright and fun while still classy and the pants and shoes compliment it perfectly.


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Photo: Rapid City SD’s Main Street Square (Winter Rendering) by Joe Wolf on Flickr


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