Winter Style Guide: Christmas in July

Winter is here and everyone is pulling out their winter jackets and long sleeves. But what should you wear for those in-between days where it’s not too cold and not too warm? Seniors Caden Lefler and Eli Oyler have compiled a guide in their first installment of a 4 part series on style.

By: Caden Lefler & Eli Oyler

As the winter months have come upon us men’s fashion seems to dwindle down to sweatpants and a hoodie. Although similar outfits, maybe an exchange for basketball shorts, can be seen throughout Central year-round. We have complied four outfits filled with several varying pieces that are geared to keep you warm in any weather South Dakota decides to throw at you while also keeping you in a style you can feel comfortable and confident in.

This first outfit we like to call Christmas in July. It is crafted to keep you comfortable on some of the warmer days of the winter season. When it’s hovering around the 40 – 45 degree mark outside, where it’s too warm for a coat but a short sleeve shirt would be too risky, we’ve got you covered.

The outfit starts with a simple white H&M t-shirt underneath a H&M sweater. The sweater features a blue, white, and red stripe to bring a little color to your life. The sweater also keeps you warm enough to face the occasional breeze and some chills.

white tee hm
H&M White Tee $5.24
hm sweater
Striped H&M Sweater $39.99

For bottoms, a pair of slim American Eagle jeans in the color black. AE jeans are our go to jean because of their quality. Most all of their jeans are made of a stretch material that allows you to strut the hallways in style and comfort.

AE Jean
Black AE Jeans $44.46

To top it all off, a pair of grey and white Adidas’. These clean looking sneakers tie the look together and you’re left with a business casual outfit that is perfect for those warmer days where a jacket is too much and a t-shirt is too little.

adidas grey
Campus ADV Adidas Sneakers $80.00

Total Outfit Cost: $169.69

Aside from the outfits, each piece is very versatile on it’s own and is a great addition to your closet. The catch however, is the price tag that comes with it. Many of these pieces can get pretty expensive and in no way, shape, or form do we expect you to run out and spend hundreds of dollars on your mom’s credit card. These pieces are good staple pieces to have in your repertoire and perhaps an idea for your Christmas wishlist.

For the more budget friendly consumer, we have compiled a similar outfit for under $60. This outfit has a similar color scheme with a plain grey sweater, black pants, and grey sneakers, all from H&M. We rummaged through many different clothing brand sites to find the most for less to compile this outfit and ended up finding everything we needed at H&M.

cheap sweater
Plain Grey H&M Sweater $12.99
cheap pant
Black Slim Fit H&M Chinos $19.99
cheap sneaks
White Athletic H&M Sneakers $24.99

Total Outfit Cost: $57.97

A great outfit for any time the temperature rises above 50. The nice sweaters keeps you warm against any breeze that might come your way while still being light enough so you won’t start pouring sweat. While the pants keep it casual and don’t draw much attention. Finished up by the shoes that complete the look by complimenting both the sweater and the pants. Following this outfit we have also compiled three more outfits for a four part series in style. Each part showcases a different type of outfit for the average young adult, so stay tuned!


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Photo: HO! HO! HO! by Michel Curi on Flickr

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