Rapid City Schools Named to AP Honor Roll

Rapid City’s AP students have put the school district on College Board’s AP Honor Roll.

By Maddie Maher

The Rapid City Area School District has earned a spot on the College Board’s 10th Annual AP Honor Roll for increasing the percentage of students scoring a 3 or higher on advanced placement (AP) exams even as it has increased the number of students taking the exam

The data collected to qualify took course over 2017 through 2019 and includes 10 AP courses offered by the district. Rapid City is one of two districts in South Dakota to qualify, the Diocese of Sioux Falls Education being the other. The Board of Education will recognize this achievement at their meeting on January 6th.

“The people who take AP classes are people who are capable and want to succeed,” says Sara Smith, an AP student. “They have the potential to be great.”

AP classes can be beneficial to the students who take them, particularly as students prepare for college level courses. “They push your boundaries,” Smith says, “but they’re very rewarding in the end.”

This year, more than 450 students in Rapid City are enrolled in AP classes.

Photo: Junior Year by Amanda Munoz on Flickr

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