New Live Mascot to Make Appearance This Year

A student is slated to wear a new Cobbler mascot costume at winter sports events.

By Raeley Pfeifle

Central High School has ordered a new mascot costume, setting the stage for a lively home court at Naasz Gymnasium this winter.

Mandy Hennies, principals’ secretary and student council adviser, was responsible for the purchase of the costume. “I’m hoping to bring more school spirit and student involvement,” she says.  Mandy explains that the mascot is an attempt to bring energy to sporting events. “I don’t know a school that doesn’t have a mascot and it will bring more life to our games.”

The mascot costume will be will worn by a Central student and will be sported at all home games, where he will do many fun things to get the crowed fired up, including joining cheerleaders for some cheers and running around creating his own antics.

While it is unlikely a mascot will improve athletes’ performances on the court, the hope is a mascot will help everyone have a better time win or lose, as it can help the crowd be more amped up. Players have more fun when there is a crowd and crowds only show up when they have had fun at previous games. Central is hoping to have more people coming to support and hoping they have more fun coming to the game. Thus, Hennies points out, a mascot is part of the goal to increase school spirit and improve surroundings around the games.