Central & Stevens Adopt Same Schedule

Rapid City high schools are astir about changes to schedules and scheduling. Among the most prominent: Stevens and Central are moving onto the same bell schedules and students’ registration process is changing.

By Hannah Thoelke and Precious Pourier

Starting in the fall of 2020, Central and Stevens high schools will be on the same bell schedule. The classes will change to mimic a mix of Central and Stevens’s current orders of classes. Additionally, the Pathways program will change curriculum requirements for incoming freshmen and the way students set their course schedule.

One change will be the day to day schedule. The current schedule for Central is an A – B schedule consisting of three red days and two white days on the A week and vice versa on the B week. The new schedule will consist of having two red days, two white days, and one mixed eight period day of red and white classes, similar to Stevens’s current schedule. It is undetermined whether the eight day period will be on Wednesday or Friday.

At Central, the change will most clearly affect music classes and the core classes in the Freshmen Academy, which currently run on a mini schedule, meeting every day; these classes will now shift to the block schedule, meeting three times a week. Math and history classes will remain on their current mini class schedule, meeting daily. The change may be challenging for students with dual enrollment classes, as they could miss some classes on the mini eight day period day.

Other changes arise from the curriculum of the new Pathways program, which begins with next year’s incoming freshmen. “Freshmen will be required to take a computer applications class and a freshman seminar,” said Central’s Principal Michael Talley. Those students will then encounter new requirements through their four years of high school, but the program’s classes will not affect the sophomores, juniors, and seniors for the next school year.

What will affect all students is the way enrollment happens now. Next year, students will not have the opportunity to choose their class order or who they want to have as teachers. Another part of the Pathways program might have teachers be in groups according to the academy they will teach, but that is currently undetermined, according to Talley.