Quarantine Challenges Students’ Friendships

School is full of friends–so what are students doing to connect with friends when school is done at home?

By Jared Smith

With students mostly in quarantine with their families due to the Covid-19 virus, many haven’t seen their friends in quite some time. But surely they’re not completely disconnected. So how are they talking to their friends?

“Phone calls. And hammocking. And hiking and stuff,” said Jackson Becker, a senior, about how he talks to his friends during the Covid-19 outbreak. Mady Sargent, a Stevens senior, reveals that she takes a more electronic way to speak to her friends. “Probably just FaceTime and Snapchat mostly.”

How in touch are they? Mady believes it’s a situation where people can tell who their real friends are. “I only talk to about three of my friends a lot, and the rest I barely talk to at all anymore.” Jackson simply states that he’s spending “less with my friends. More with my family.”

Even though some have quarantined themselves completely, some have also gone out into public. Those that do are told to stay at least six feet away from each other. But is everyone doing this? When asked if he is staying at a physical distance, Jackson simply states “Yeah.” Mady is also practicing social distancing, but not with complete certainty. “Roughly, yeah. I mean, it might not be exactly six feet at all times.”

Photo: Facetime by Jaysin Travino on Flickr