Covid-19 Stole My Senior Year, But It Was Worth It

The shut down of schools has made it impossible for many seniors to get closure from there final semester. But with the deadly nature of Covid-19, how should 2020’s graduating class feel about the ordeal?

By Emily Hearn

My senior year was pulled from under my feet, and I’m allowed to be upset about it. When it was announced that school would be closed for a week on March 13th, I walked out of Central High School without looking back, glad to have a week off to relax and spend time with my family. Little did I know I would never go back. I wish I would’ve taken one last look at the bright orange carpet, or the Coca-Cola stains in the choir room.

The last semester of senior year is supposed to be the best semester of your entire K-12 career. We were robbed of prom, graduation, senior activities, and most importantly, our last goodbyes. We were robbed of closure, saying goodbye to our teachers and friends that are leaving Rapid City. Some of us were robbed of our last season, our last musical or concert. This was our year to be captain of that team or president of that club. This is supposed to be our year, the year that makes all the stress and hard work of high school worth it.

But people are dying. Everyday more and more people are being infected with COVID-19 and everyday people are losing their lives. Maybe I’m only speaking for myself when I say this, but I would rather have prom and graduation cancelled than have more people lose their lives. But I think that us seniors can recognize the severity of the situation while also being upset that our year is over. Our feelings and disappointment are valid, and we’re allowed to be upset. And seeing the way that our community has come together to support us has been overwhelming.

So, to all the seniors out there, your feelings are valid. Remember that sacrificing your last semester is worth it. This will pass and will be a story to tell your kids and grandkids. We’re in this together.