Cobblers’ Football Sidelined by Covid

The Cobblers football team was sent into quarantine from football and school after a few athletes tested positive for Covid-19.

By Elizabeth Crumb, Dylan Buechler, Logan Bentz, and Cheyenne Brau

Last week the Central High School Cobbler’s football team went into a self-quarantine right after their first win against Stevens on October 2nd. The quarantine started on October 6th and lasted seven days due to reported cases within the program (including cheerleaders).

“We are staying quarantined at our houses, washing our hands often, and wearing masks if we ever need to leave our houses.” said Dylan Rambo, a member of the Cobbler football team. 

Originally students who were required to be quarantined had to do so for two weeks. Now the students who did not test positive for COVID-19 are allowed to come back to school after one week. 

“This year has been like nothing we’ve ever been a part of before,” said Coach Lance Pearson. “From the off-season program being almost completely eliminated — this really set the football program back weeks if not even a month or more behind other schools and teams around the state.” 

The Covid-19 outbreak amongst the team came as a surprise to everyone. Coach Pearson added, “Honestly, I was a little surprised to have it pop up in our players. We had been working out and following the RCAS Return to Activities Guidelines every day since mid-July. We knew once school started and other kids started to come into contact with our players that our chances of having someone come down with it were increased.” 

It was found out later that the reason for the team members getting the virus was actually because of outside events. Many of the players still participated in social gatherings outside of school, which proved to be the time when they were infected. Coach Pearson thinks that everyone should be a little selfish during this time, especially if those who are in an activity that can affect other people.