Indoor Football Debuts in Rapid City

Rapid City’s new indoor football team has begun play at The Monument and entertainment is the name of the game.

By Conner Ulrich

The Rapid City Marshalls recently debuted indoor football to Rapid City when they faced off against the North Colorado Greyhawks in a preseason match-up at the Monument’s new arena. The final score was a 65-35 Marshalls’ win.

“The field is the right size for a lot a chaos,” said Ty Black Elk of the 50 yard field, which is red with white squares displaying sponsors’ logos. “I think they should keep the field simple,” Black Elk said, “they should move the sponsors somewhere else.”

Throughout the game there were plenty of games and challenges that were played to entertain the spectators. “The frozen T-shirt one was my favorite,” said both River Walters and Black Elk. The frozen T-shirt was a challenge where two men had to run to the middle of the field, grab the frozen t-shirt, and put it on. Other challenges include a young boy and girl racing and a challenge where participators had to put on drunk goggles and roll a football 10 yards with their head.

“I think that indoor football will bring a lot to Rapid,” said Walters. “I like that we have another pro team to root for.” BlackElk also has a similar view. “I think football will bring more to Rapid,” he said. Both Ty and River also think that the Marshalls have a very good shot at going to the Champions Bowl.