ATTENTION!! Crisis in Public Schools

How many baby carrots did you step on walking into school this morning?

By: Lavina P. and Hailey R.

Rapid City Central High School deals with ongoing issues regarding the wellbeing of the school, particularly graffiti, vandalism, and trash. These are the biggest issues that we see with terms of keeping the school presentable. Most messes are simple and could be avoided easily if students took action. Custodians have to deal with student caused messes all day. “It all has to do with respect,” says a Central High School custodian.

“We pick up almost 70 carrots a lunch period”

On a daily basis custodians have a problem of having to pick up after students when they leave their trash often. When asked, RCAS custodians say “it’s not all of the school but a good portion of kids who don’t clean after themselves.” When asked where they have to clean most they responded, “The parking lot with Little Caesars pizza boxes and fast food bags. Also when people leave their lunch trays on the tables and leave their food wrappers on the floor,” says RCAS custodian, “Also, the carrots that students throw at each other. We pick up almost 70 carrots a lunch period.” This might not seem very significant to you, but these are things that could be easily solved with not even a minute of effort.

One problem we could be having is that some highschool students were not taught how to respect their area. Custodians think there’s not much to do for our school as students won’t care. Although that’s not the reputation Central High School wants. “Not respecting their school and not being taught respect at home plays a big part,” said RCAS custodian. Although, a change can be made. “Schools have success when things are student driven, ” says CHS Assistant Principal Mr. Vogeli, “by the time students are willing to get involved and start caring, the leading older students are too old and graduate.” When students are used to not having to pick up after themselves it often sticks throughout high school or until it is acknowledged which often doesn’t happen. “I think when middle schoolers come to high school they have less manners but after a few weeks they get brought down by the older people but it doesn’t help when students are starting to get worse as they are starting not to care.” says Mr. Vogeli. Back then it was more easily managed because schools were stricter but now this generation has less rules to listen to or just chooses not to listen.

There is a possibility that we could help change this problem but some teachers say that it’s impossible. But do we really want that reputation for our school? No. There’s ways we could help put in changes but it would take a lot of struggle. Ways we could change this is having student organizations in youtube videos, reteach manners, and explain why they’re important. Many organization groups have been forgotten about in our school like the environmental club, Saturday morning pickup, kindness club, and volunteering by the students. We could try to restart these groups with people who care but it would take a lot of effort from the teachers and students.