Woo-Hoo! Big Ticket Blowout!

Theatre lovers who haven’t already purchased tickets to the CHS production of Frozen might be left out in the cold.

By:  Pine Needle Staff

Tickets to the upcoming production of Frozen went on sale this week and sold out in fifteen minutes. This is the first time in CHS drama history that this has happened. The only other shows to sell out at all were Les Misérables and The Wizard of Oz.

“I had my screen up this morning and watched them [the tickets] disappear,” said Joey Lore, the technical director for Central High School’s spring musical, Frozen. He was not surprised that the show sold out but was surprised by how quickly it did. The new theatre seats 750 people. There will be four public shows, meaning there were 2,800 tickets sold in all. There will also be two special showings for elementary students. “I’m excited for the elementary shows because they bring a lot of energy,” said Rowan Grace Hibbard, who plays Elsa.

Junior Garrett Crossland, who plays Kristoff, said he feels a mixed blend of excitement and nervousness. “You know that one thousand people are going to see you. It’s a little stressful because it is my first time as a lead.” Crossland says that the cast is in a pretty good position with a few fine details to still work out.  “[It is] definitely a challenge learning how to act and put it together, especially since there are so many people coming,” says Kelsi Kroger, who plays Anna.

“I’m excited to sing the iconic songs and sing with Kelsi,” says Hibbard.        

In the past 20 years the drama program has grown immensely under the leadership and direction of Justin Speck and Lore. This year at the state’s One Act competition the drama club received a superior rating, among other awards.

The CHS drama club has only been doing these online sales for about a year, and clearly it has been very successful. All the money that this sold out show brings in will go into the drama club fund and ensure that the club can put on many more amazing shows in the future. We wish the best of luck to all those preforming. Don’t be nervous, take a deep breath and let those nerves go!

Contributors to this story are Clancy Kimble, Kaydence Johnson, Amelia Schaefbauer, Kyle Meier, Megan Nelson, Evan Austin, Christopher Gabrylczyk, and Aidyn Wright