What is the Role of Prom’s Theme?

Want to rile up a high school junior or senior? Ask them their opinion about the prom’s theme. What is behind all this passionate contrarianism?

By Ciena Murphy, Lexee Banks, and Kelty Silbernagel

Prom is that formal dance, typically at the end of the year. The event of the year that parents and their children can bond over. Friends hanging out with friends. People getting all dolled up for photos and dancing the night away.

Every prom has a theme. Under the sea, disco, Hollywood red carpet, etc. Prom themes are for decor, but how do people feel about it? It seems as if people don’t like the themes every year. But why is that?

“Possibly because it’s not their idea,” Emi Jolly says. “It’s not that fun movie type theme in some people’s minds.”

Many people claim that prom themes affect what you wear. Prom themes give color schemes for both decoration and clothing purposes. What do students think about this? Does it affect them?

“Nope, not at all,” said Alexis Ransom.

“Not really,” says Levi Alexander.

If prom themes don’t affect its students much, then are prom themes worth it? People complain about some prom themes and fantasize about other themes. What’s a prom theme that students want?

“I had so many good ideas. I wrote them down in a notebook. I have like twenty ideas. The first one is why don’t we bring back greasers, pink ladies or the T-birds and stuff like that from Grease or like decades because it’s really good,” Iris Anne says. “People really don’t follow the theme anyways, they just show up in what they want. Which is boring honestly. Or like the 2000’s, something fun you know?”

Overall, prom is fun for people. Regardless of the theme. People love the idea of a formal dance with dates. What are some of the students’ overall opinions on prom?

“I think prom is a very fun event. It’s super fun to meet people from other schools and a fun time to hangout with friends,” said Emi Jolly.

Prom themes will always be a part of prom. A fun event that people have always loved. Students have many feelings and opinions on prom themes. Are the themes worth it? It is up to you to decide.