Is cheerleading a sport?

The answer to that question is YES. Many people think its lame, and requires little to no effort, when in reality its way harder than people think. I took a poll in my class of 23 students and asked everyone if they considered cheerleading a sport or not. The results were 17 people said yes, while the last 6 answered no. Michael, a student and a long time friend of mine, gave me this statement. “Cheerleading is not a sport. You could have lady bugs stunt and go to a competition, and call that a sport. Cheerleading is NOT a sport.”

Another student and fellow cheerleader, Tiffany, said, “Cheerleading is a sport because it takes a lot of athletic ability to stunt and do many of the things we do.”

Cheerleading  does require a lot of athletic ability. We work cardio and run all the time, we lift weights and do other things to strengthen ourselves. Stunting is the main thing that makes cheerleading a sport. Stunting is very difficult and it takes a lot of hard work to get it right, otherwise someone can get really hurt, even die, which would not be very good. Cheerleaders also compete. There are regional and national competitions all over the world.  Many people all over consider cheerleading a sport, while others don’t. The debate will probably continue on for a long time, and will never officially be resolved.

Submitted by Katie (Class of 2013)