Students Write Stories for Children

by: Jacob Mobley

from Ericka Grimm's "Gerald the Dragon"

As many know, taking creative writing as a senior can be one of the most fun classes of students’ high school careers. From their final video projects to the many stories they must write, these students enjoy the class, which always makes for a productive learning environment.

Earlier this semester, students from Mr. Lore’s Creative Writing class traveled to Wilson Elementary School to read their original childrens stories. These stories’ topics ranged anywhere from learning about acceptance of oneself no matter what to just plain old fun stories about Spot the Tiger.

A page from Lacy Payne's story, "Spot the Tiger"

Mary Kellogg, a teacher a Wilson said, “My students love to write during writers’ workshop everyday and knowing that these high school students also write, really validates the process.” Overall these students not only enjoyed this experience, they learned from it. “The high school students also set a great example for our students regarding reading fluently and expressively,” said Kellogg.

So by going back in time to their elementary days of recess and cooties these students learned the importance of creativity and speaking skills.  “It was mutually beneficial and we look forward to it each year,” said Kellogg in closing.

The Pine Needle is featuring two of the stories created during the fall semester: Lacy Payne’s “Spot the Tiger” and Ericka Grimm’s “Gerald the Dragon.” Click on the titles of the stories to read them online, and thanks to Ericka and Lacy for granting us permission to feature them.