Singing Valentines from the Choir Club

by: Kate Vickmark

Have you forgotten to get something for your loved ones for Valentines day? Well here’s your chance to fix that! Coming up this week Central High school Choir Club will be selling Singing Valentines in the commons during third block. They will be selling songs for all music tastes, from Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” to The Beatles “All My Loving.” For only three dollars you can send your sweetheart a love song, mushy card, and a delicious sucker. On Valentines day members of Concert Choir, Reflections and Singers will be walking from class to class preforming for those lucky love birds. All proceeds will go to Post Prom activities.

This is a perfect way to show your love and adoration to your friends, significant others, and maybe even a favorite teacher that needs a pick-me-up. So whether you forgot or just want to add another surprise to a perfectly pre-planned day. Send a singing Valentine!