Career Possibilities: New Business Specialist

by: Chelsie Huseby

Are you a person that wants to get into the administrative field? If so, try looking into becoming a new business specialist. A new business specialist works for a whole sale brokerage that works for insurance agents. These agents call and provide information for their clients and the new business specialist finds the best product for the client. Then, once they’ve found the appropriate agent to place the client with, they complete and submit the application for the agent.

A new business specialist also reviews applications and makes sure they are completed correctly once they are reviewed, and a blood and urine exam for the client is ordered. Once the underwriter reviews the application, they ask to order the client’s medical records. They collect all the information for the underwriter so he/she can make the best possible decision for the clients. Mindy Marling, a worker at Financial Markets Inc., said, “The most interesting part of my job is the investigations into different medical issues and medications.”

You can advance up in positions in this career, but you have to work your way up to your position. If you were a person that would want to get into a career like this, you would be working with approximately 100 people a day.  When it comes to money, a worker would get base pay and commission on top of that for every dollar that a client pays in premium. Marling said, “I have to continuously study the different aspects of each product and make sure I can accurately relay the information to the agents, I also have to take 10 LOMA tests, which stands for Life Office Management Association. The tests are very hard.”

Would a person who had this occupation change their job? Marling said, “Yes, my family. If it interfered with my children I would quit, but I wouldn’t quit my position for another job. I love what I do.”