Battle of Supplements: Jack3d and No Xplode

by: Jordan Carff

Jack3d and No Xplode are currently the two top selling pre-workout supplements. Well coming from a personal experience of trying both I have some opinionated conclusions about both products. Comparisons between both will include with the determination to work out, the price, the taste, and some common side effects.

Quantity & Price

Jack3d and NO-Xplode both require you to use anywhere from 1-3 scoops, although Jack3d has much smaller scoops. The number that you use all depends on your size, tolerance, and sex. Jack3d has 45 scoops per container while NO-Xplode has 50. So, lets go to price check then. A No-Xplode runs for around 30 dollars depending on the flavor while Jack3d purchased anywhere is $19-23 dollars. The value advantage would be Jack3d.


Jack3d and NO-Xplode in a taste test is really a toss up. I personally like the tropical flavors that Jack3d has, such as bubblegum, grape, and blue razzleberry. NO-Xplodes grape doesn’t come anywhere to a comparison as Jack3d, but, NO-Xplode’s fruit punch is for sure better that Jack3d mainly because they focus on the tropical flavors instead and NO-Xplode’s original product was in the flavor of fruit punch.

Side Effects

Jack3d has no magnesium, while NO-Xplode does. Magnesium is a stool-softener that some doctors prescribe to help with constipation. That to me sounds like something I REALLY want to eat before doing squats, right? Well, that’s what you’re taking in when you take NO-Xplode. Except you are getting it in the form of magnesium glycerophosphate. The compound is only 10% active, meaning that if BSN (creators of NO-Xplode) is putting 360mg of magnesium in NO-Xplode (per the label) then that means 3600mg of this garbage is in the final product. Take three two or three scoops and you’re essentially asking for diarrhea. Jack3d on the other hand has no Magnesium. Jack3d has no fillers. It takes less water and provides much less bloat. And it doesn’t give you explosive diarrhea.

The winner: Jack3d